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Anti-scratch structure of PC light diffuser

by:UNQ     2021-04-06
The PC light diffusion board layout includes a base material layer, the base material layer has a constant PVC light-transmitting layer inside, and the upper end cage cover layer has constant appearance and constant bumps. An anti-blue paint, including non-volatile matter, blue light inhibitor and anti-ultraviolet paint, including a dispersion plate body, the dispersion plate body is configured with an anti-glare micro-layout on one side, and an anti-blue layer on the other side; The anti-blue light layer is obtained by applying the above-mentioned anti-blue paint to the anti-glare PC light diffusion plate and curing it. The application of a high-hardness anti-blue coating can not only prevent scratches, but also achieve a very good result of suppressing blue light under the condition of applying a small batch of anti-blue coatings, which can protect human eyes. The lighting assembly can not only reduce eye fatigue, but also prevent the danger of blue light to human eyes. The scratch-resistant PC light diffuser layout is equipped with a triangular rugged layout of the lower end cage cover and a ball point layout of the upper cage cover, which is beneficial to create a hollow between the board and the board during storage and transportation. , This will not damage the appearance of the light guide, thereby reducing the damage rate of the assembly during transportation, reducing the cost of transportation, and the upper cage cover layer of the spherical dot layout of the assembly makes the LED emit the light source through the spherical dot surface The first refraction can effectively improve the light scattering, thereby improving the uniformity and brightness, because the reasonable plan of the interval size between the ball point and the ball point also serves the purpose of atomization, so that the overall brightness of the light dispersion plate can be obtained Useful promotion.

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