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And what role did the sun slabs crops

by:UNQ     2020-10-05
211 as the modern life more and more high quality, organic fruits and vegetables, the season is also more and more, then, greenhouse ecological restaurant equipment also have sprung up. The agricultural buildings used building materials, from the beginning of ordinary plastic film into greenhouse films with droplets effects; Then continuous glass greenhouse, PC sheets and PC endurance sunshine board greenhouse and so on. But now the market is generally, greenhouses in the greenhouse in case did the uv PC sunshine plate used in the majority. Why use prevent droplets polycarbonate sheet? Because it has a great impact on agricultural greenhouse. As is known to all, covering the droplets are displayed on the ceiling of the roof material, mainly because of the greenhouse temperature difference between inside and outside. When air temperature is low, inside and outside greenhouse temperature and humidity difference is bigger, the indoor and the soil evaporation of condensed water would produce droplets on the surface of cover material, excessive droplets will block the sun, which affects the growth of crops. Until the droplets are PC sunshine board, effectively prevent the sunshine board greenhouse droplets phenomenon, ensure the sunlight time. So PC sunshine board prevent droplets technology is how to achieve? Droplets prevention technology is hydrophilic coating on the surface coated with a layer of liquid, through the oven heating on the production line, and then using the method of uv curing attached to the surface of the plate, plate to form a layer of effective natural protective film, avoid crop damage by drops of mist. When the plate surface of the coating layer of protection against did, then increase the tension of cover material, reduce with water contact Angle, suppress vapor condensed fine water mist shape so as to avoid affecting the daylighting of the internal. Through a special process, which makes against the droplets layer and PC board combined with sunshine is very strong, and do not dissolve in water, makes effect sustainable over 10 years. When the crops are no longer affected by did inside the greenhouse, to a more adequate sunshine sunshine, will let the fruits of greenhouse vegetable production better, so as to improve the living standards of people, this is to prevent did PC sunshine threatening the modern greenhouse.
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