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Analysis of the processing of plexiglass and handicrafts

by:UNQ     2021-04-03

  Plexiglas processing and super-finishing parts technology requires uniform distribution of network black dots with a diameter of 0.02mm on the entire surface of the plexiglass sleeve, and the distance between the top, bottom, left, and right of the dot is 0.02mm. The light source is used for printing. In the middle of the plexiglass sleeve, the photosensitive principle is used for printing. Therefore, the surface of the plexiglass requires good light transmission, and the surface is free of fuzz, scratches and flies. The original processing technology is: plexiglass sleeve integral casting → upper bulkhead rough grinding → nip point → black spray treatment → fine grinding. According to the original processing requirements, first install the bulkhead. The outer circle of the bulkhead and the inner hole of the plexiglass sleeve adopt an interference fit, with an interference amount of 0.05-0.07mm. When processing, use a high-precision cylindrical grinder with a maximum grinding diameter of 320mm. More importantly, the machine tool has high precision, balanced work and operation, and low vibration.

   The plexiglass processing head frame is DC stepless speed regulation. In the process of grinding the plexiglass sleeve, it is found that the vibration pattern on the surface of the plexiglass is very obvious, and the middle is very easy to produce The phenomenon of letting the knife causes the parts to have a drum shape, which is difficult to eliminate, and the parts have poor radial runout and roundness. In view of the above analysis of processing quality, since the bulkhead is clamped at both ends, the whole is hollow. The plexiglass is a non-metallic material, and its rigidity is poor, and it is easy to produce elastic deformation when subjected to force. Therefore, the rigidity and strength of the plexiglass must be improved to prevent it from being affected. The force produces elastic deformation, so the following methods are adopted. The two ends are equipped with bulkheads, and gypsum powder and old powder are cast in the middle of the plexiglass to improve its rigidity and strength, and reduce the elastic deformation caused by the force. After the above improvements, in the grinding process, the surface vibration pattern of the plexiglass processing is significantly improved , The drum shape phenomenon is basically eliminated, and the roundness and radial runout basically meet the requirements of rough grinding processing accuracy.

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