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Analysis of the Causes of Leakage in the Ceiling of the Sunshine Board Endurance Board

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
The daylighting roof made of sun panels generally leaks seriously. Some leaks are found immediately after installation, and some leaks after six months or one or two years. The reason for these problems is that users know less about the characteristics of the sun panels,... Now in our lives, the sun panels endurance panels are used extensively in engineering, and there is a very serious problem, the daylighting of the sun panels The roof is generally leaking serious, some are found immediately after installation, and some are leaking after six months or one or two years. The reason for these problems is that users know less about the characteristics of the solar panels and blindly follow the experience of using glass roofs. (1) Analysis of the cause of leakage in the roof of the endurance board The physical properties of the endurance board of the sun board are very different from glass, aluminum and stone, and its thermal expansion coefficient is about 7 times that of ordinary glass. The change in the seam between the sunlight board is much greater than that of ordinary glass or aluminum. Therefore, if the solar panel lighting roof design is directly based on the empirical value of the glass roof without calculation, the joints of the solar panel will crack and cause water leakage due to the large changes in the joints. (2) Reasons for installation Due to the low density of the endurance board, the same volume as glass is that its weight is only 1/12-1/15 of glass. Therefore, it is easy to transport and install, which can reduce the weight of the building, but it is precisely because of the sunlight. The board has the characteristics of light weight, and the board surface deformation caused by wind load or other external forces should be considered during installation to avoid deformation and cracking of the sealing joint. (3) The selection of sealant The poor quality or improper selection of sealant is one of the main reasons for the cracking and water leakage of the pc sun board daylighting roof. For this reason, we have selected several products of influential machine companies in the market for testing , To determine the adhesiveness of the sealant and the PC sheets, so that it can be used in future construction. The original tape on the sun board. It is only used for temporary protection of the edge of the board and is not resistant to aging. In the installation project, the board is cut according to the size. After the material is cut, the end hole of the board must be sealed with special engineering tape according to the requirements of the installation regulations, and the original tape shall be replaced. The special adhesive tape for installation engineering should have good weather resistance and will not lose its cohesiveness and mechanical strength after long-term use. (4) When installing and sticking tape. Pay attention to the following points; (1) Ensure that the edges of the board are smooth. (2) To blow all holes clean, the compressed air must be dry without any impurities. (3) Ensure that the tape is completely covered with profile, metal cover, and U-shaped protective groove at the end. After installation, there should be no exposed parts. (4) Before pre-installation and final installation, check the tape for loss. If it is damaged, it must be replaced. (5) Water leakage prevention measures: 1. Using PC double buckle, the aluminum alloy is double buckled up and down. This method has the problem of relatively high cost of joint treatment, but it is worthwhile to solve the problem of water leakage in the greenhouse. 2. The U-shaped lock sun board has very good leak-proof performance, strong board strength, low skeleton and labor cost, and can choose single hook four layers, single hook honeycomb, double hook honeycomb, double hook four layers, three Hook honeycomb, three-hook four-layer board type, with a wide selection and many types. 3. The joints of the PC sheets and the endurance board are sealed with wide and thick aluminum alloy bead, and the neutral sealant seals silica gel with a thickness of 5 mm and a width of 5 to 8 mm on both sides of the bead. This is a more traditional treatment method, and a more professional and modern treatment method is: use a wider aluminum alloy bead at the seam, glue a special waterproof tape under the bead, and use a good-quality neutral sealant on both sides of the bead. Silica gel on the side. 4. It is recommended to use more professional inlaid aluminum profile accessories, but because of its high cost, it is recommended to use it in large-scale municipal projects and super large daylighting, rain-shading and shading projects. Using U-shaped locks for double water treatment, or using aluminum alloy double buckle method, can avoid the problem of water leakage in the sun shed.
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