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All kinds of sunshine board price reference

by:UNQ     2020-10-31
About 1734 sun plate prices are relatively transparent, formulated a few sun plate manufacturers on the market price is similar, although it will be more competitive, but the consumer is more advantageous to us. How much is the sunshine board? price is usually calculated according to every square metre, but can also be carried out in accordance with the weight calculation. Generally in a 30 yuan -- Within the scope of 300 yuan/per square meter. Specific to see the sunshine board type, purpose, etc. , for example, were mostly used in the greenhouse, greenhouse and other double sun plate or multilayer board, sunshine in the 30 - price 120 yuan/square; And lighting with polycarbonate sheet price is a little higher, but in order to achieve the purpose of reduce the cost, it is best to U lock sunshine board used with caigang watts. We know that the curtain wall will be decorated with sunshine board, and in 140 - the price of this class plank About 300 yuan/square. There are used to make bike shed, canopy, such as sun plate, price also is different. Involved in the sunshine board price above, also can have the effect of reference, consulting the sun even concrete board manufacturers.
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