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All kinds of endurance plate production specifications of the explanation

by:UNQ     2020-11-12
1744 according to different structure forms of the polycarbonate sheet, its production of the specifications of the there is a difference, because it consider effect the performance of the plate. In terms of production on the market at present situation, the following are the main types of specifications: in terms of double hollow polycarbonate sheet, ply basically in a 4 - 12mm。 Maximum width is 2100 mm, length is 6000 mm; If it is three, four layer or multilayer insulating endurance plate, there will be 8 - thickness 20 mm, the width and length in accordance with the above requirements; And there's a solid endurance board, PC sheets thickness of the thinner one chip, only 0. 8 - 1毫米; There are 1 - and endurance plate thickness 12mm。 As long as within the prescribed scope, can be in accordance with the requirements of various specifications, the color was the same as, in order to meet the needs of different occasions for this kind of plate.
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