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When comes to agriculture greenhouse, one of the most important decisions to make is what to cover the greenhouse with. Understanding the advantages of polycarbonate will help you build a greenhouse.

Compared with glass greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse greatly save energy and is virtually unbreakable. It is thermal insulation, saving 40% more energy than glass. Polycarbonate cover sheets are durable, have high light transmission, high impact resistance. Unlike glass, multi-wall polycarbonate is lightweight, and easy to cut, shape, and install. UV-protected polycarbonate agricultural greenhouse provides plants or vegetables with suitable temperature and sunlight they need to grow.  

Due to the lightweight, long life, and high tensile strength of the hollow polycarbonate panel, the simple steel structure can meet the requirements of wind resistance and snow resistance and has a long service life and beautiful appearance. Now polycarbonate becomes the most popular choice for greenhouse.

What are the benefits of polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse?


Polycarbonate Commercial Greenhouse

UNQ anti-condensation greenhouse cover is a twin-wall extruded polycarbonate offering high thermal insulation, high light transmission, long-term weatherability, and UV protection. It greatly protects against common fungal infections. viruses and bacteria.UNQ provides polycarbonate greenhouse solutions for greenhouse growers including CAD design, greenhouse covers, and an installation guide. 


Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Tomato Greenhouse

Product:8mm clear multiwall polycarbonate greenhouse

Application Type: Agriculture Greenhouse

Total product usage: 4000㎡

UNQ clear polycarbonate is used for tomato planting. All greenhouse adopts multi-span structure, large displacement, strong wind resistance, covering 4000m2. It can maintain its stability between temperatures ranging from -40 -120 degrees.

Projects Specifications:

Projects Name: Anti-condensation polycarbonate blackout greenhouse

Product:6mm Clear Twinwall Anti-drop Polycarbonate

Application Type: Agriculture Greenhouse

Total product usage: 3600㎡

UNQ anti-condensation polycarbonate panels are used for hemp blackout greenhouse. It creat optimal temperature and enviroment for growing. Integrate climate and light control systems to ensure the highest yields.


Inspire Creative Architecture with UNQ

UNQ is professional in polycarbonate production, cut, package and installation. Our team always helps you find the best solution.

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