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Advantages of using sunlight panels in northern greenhouses

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Many people use film or glass to build greenhouses, but due to the many shortcomings of this type of greenhouses, the maintenance cost is high. Therefore, the emergence of a new type of insulation board broke the original deadlock. Polycarbonate P... South and North my country The regional climate is quite different, and the requirements for the use of solar panels are also different from those in the south. In northern China, it is important to choose materials for building greenhouses. Because the weather in the north is too cold, vegetables, flowers, plants, etc. cannot grow normally in winter. In order to supply its demand for fruits, vegetables, etc., greenhouses Greenhouse cultivation came into being. Many people use film or glass to build greenhouses, but due to the many shortcomings of such greenhouses, the maintenance cost is high. Therefore, the emergence of a new type of insulation board broke the original deadlock, and the emergence of polycarbonate PC solar panels Brought new changes to the greenhouse. The solar panel manufacturers have greenhouse solar panels specially developed for the northern weather, which are more suitable for the use environment in the north. In addition to the characteristics of light transmission, heat preservation, UV resistance, and impact resistance of the solar panels themselves, the bottom surface of the panels is also covered with a layer of anti-condensation The treated anti-fog layer has a natural water diffusion effect, so that the surface tension of the board and the condensed water is greater than the surface tension of the water in the air, so that the water in the air is evenly condensed on the board into small water droplets and distributed on the board. Slide the slope to the edge to prevent damage to the plants in the greenhouse and improve the light transmittance of the greenhouse. According to sunlight board manufacturers, the main frame of the greenhouse is generally welded with galvanized square tubes. We take 8mm hollow sunlight board as an example. The main frame of the frame generally uses hot-dip galvanized square tubes above 100*50*2.5, and the end posts use 50*50. The upper pipe of *2, the cross beam uses the upper pipe of 40*60*2, and the hot-dip galvanized bolts and self-tapping are used for connection. The greenhouse cover material can be made of PC sheets manufacturers. The surrounding and top of the greenhouse are covered with 8mm or 10mm thick sunshine boards. Special aluminum alloy profiles and anti-aging rubber strips are used to seal between the panels, which can effectively prevent water leakage. If you want to build an economical and practical solar panel greenhouse, you must choose a high-quality greenhouse frame, especially a frame with sufficient specifications and thickness. It is recommended to conduct spot inspections if possible. In order to reduce the cost of the greenhouse skeleton, some greenhouse manufacturers have reduced the specifications and thickness of the hot-dip galvanized steel. This behavior not only affects the load-bearing capacity of the solar panel greenhouse, but also has the risk of collapse, causing unnecessary losses to customers . Secondly, as the cover material of the greenhouse, the PC sheets manufacturers imported the original packaging materials have the characteristics of light transmission, UV protection, anti-condensation, and strong impact resistance. Especially the anti-aging effect of the double-sided UV-coated solar panel is obvious, and the life span is more than ten years. The selection of high-quality solar panels not only maintains the beauty of the greenhouse, but also plays an important role in the insulation effect and production cost of the greenhouse. manufacturers remind everyone that when buying a sun board, you must see if it is a brand new product. Now some manufacturers use recycled old material to add a brightener to pretend to be a brand new product. This old material of the sun board is completely up to Less than the service life, and there is the possibility of breakage at any time, so when you buy a solar panel, you must keep your eyes open and go to a regular large manufacturer to buy it.
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