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Advantages of plastic board processing PC endurance board sound insulation wall

by:UNQ     2021-03-14

   noise barriers can be divided into the following categories according to their materials: metal sound barriers (metal shutters, metal mesh holes), concrete sound barriers (lightweight concrete, high-strength concrete), PC sound barriers, FRP sound barriers, etc. Among so many materials, where is the sound insulation wall made of plastic board processing PC endurance board?

   Impact resistance, unbreakable, high strength, toughness, anti-theft, good bulletproof effect, round arch, Flexibility, good workability, and strong plasticity.

  PC endurance board

  High-speed noise barrier

  Application case

   In the sound barrier project, especially It is an urban viaduct sound barrier project that not only requires sound insulation of sound insulation panels, but also pursues landscape effects and visual permeability, and also considers the tolerance of the viaduct. The transparent sound insulation panels made of glass are easy to be hit by the vehicle in question. Broken, heavy and sharp glass fragments falling from the viaduct will pose a threat to pedestrians under the bridge. At this time, the PC endurance board is a natural choice. In the case of the same thickness, the quality of the PC endurance board is only half of the glass and its impact resistance It is 250-300 times that of glass. The sound insulation effect of plastic board processing is also higher than that of glass by 3-4DB. It can also be bent into arches, semicircles, etc. according to actual construction conditions. More colors, more choices, more applications.

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