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Advantages of new materials of polycarbonate sheet

by:UNQ     2021-03-25
Polycarbonate board has the following main characteristics:

Polycarbonate board is light and its weight is one-fifteenth of the same thin glass; impact strength is 16 times that of glass; energy-saving, 40% more energy than glass-covered greenhouses % Above; long lasting, the light transmittance of the solar panel will not shrink more than 7% after 10 years of use; weather resistance, between -41℃~120℃, will not be deformed; high light transmittance, colorless solar panel The light leakage rate can reach 88%, which is comparable to glass; it can be cold-bent, and can be cold-bent or hot-bent as needed. At present, greenhouses in my country are mainly built with glass and double-layer membranes. Adopting these materials to build has high energy consumption and poor resistance to natural disasters. When encountering severe weather such as hail and heavy snow, not only the greenhouse itself will be severely destroyed, but also the crops grown in the greenhouse will not be effectively protected. Moreover, the used film cannot be recycled, which will cause a lot of white pollution.

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