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Advantages and classification of PC plastic board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-24

  1. Impact resistance: The maximum impact force of plastic sheet processing can reach 3kg/cm. The impact strength of PC plastic sheet processing is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and tempered glass. 2 times as much, there is almost no risk of cracking of U-shaped solar panels. With a 3kg hammer, there will be no cracks when it falls two meters below. It has the reputation of 'non-breaking glass' and 'sounding steel'.

  2, light transmittance: excellent lighting performance, the light transmittance is as high as 85~91%, and its plastic plate processing transparency is comparable to glass. Exposure to the sun will not cause yellowing, fogging, and poor light transmission. After ten years, the loss of light transmission of UV-coated panels is only 6%, the loss rate of PVC is as high as 15%-20%, and the loss rate of glass fiber is 12%-20%.

  3. Weather resistance: There is a co-extruded layer with UV protection on the outside, which can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing caused by the ultraviolet rays of the solar pc plastic board manufacturer. The external co-extruded layer has chemical bonds to absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light, which has an outstanding stabilizing effect on plant photosynthesis. The wild can ensure that the color will not fade for ten years. In the -40℃ to 130℃ scale, the stability of each physical target is adhered to. After 4000 hours of artificial weathering test, the yellowing degree was 2, and the light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%.

  4. Flame resistance: The plastic board processing itself does not ignite spontaneously and has self-extinguishing properties. It complies with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety standards, and the UL94 fire rating reaches V0, V2, and HB. The ignition point of the PC board itself is 580 degrees Celsius, and it will self-extinguish after leaving the fire. No toxic gas will be generated during incineration and will not contribute to the spread of the fire.

  5. Heat resistance and cold resistance: It will not cause quality deterioration such as deformation within the temperature range of -40°C to +130°C. The PC board does not suffer from cold brittleness at -100°C, and does not soften at 137.3°C, and its mechanics and mechanical functions have no significant changes in harsh environments.

  6, light and rigid: light weight, only half of glass, 1/3 of acrylic board, outstanding adaptability and safety, easy to handle, drill, cut, not easy to crack during installation, simple construction Safety.

  7. Flexibility: Cold bending method can be selected at the construction site according to the design drawing, and installed into an arch, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the selected plate, and it can also be bent.

   8. Sound insulation: PC board has significant sound insulation effect, and has better sound insulation than glass and acrylic board of equal thickness. Under the same thickness, the sound insulation of PC board is better than glass 3—4DB. Internationally, it is the first choice for highway noise barriers.

   9. Energy saving: keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter. PC board has lower thermal conductivity (K value) than ordinary glass and other plastics, and heat insulation effect is 7%-25 higher than equal glass %, the thermal insulation of PC board is up to 49%. As a result, the heat loss is greatly reduced, and it is used in buildings with heating equipment, which is an environmental protection material.

  10. Anti-condensation: When the outdoor temperature is 0℃, the indoor temperature is 23℃, and the indoor relative humidity is lower than 80%, there will be no condensation on the inside and outside of the data.

  Industrial :

  1. Printing special PC board: solid, highly transparent, beautiful, good printing function, suitable for special printing, helmets, signs, nameplates, protective covers Wait.

  2. PC board for plastic blister: Polycarbonate (PC plastic board processing as the base material, formed by high temperature blister molding. The company introduces advanced foreign equipment and technology, professional thermal processing of PC plastic sheets, products Features: light weight, high strength, impact resistance, unbreakable, bulletproof, anti-ultraviolet, good lighting function, no discoloration, long shelf life in outdoor all-weather use.

  3, bending special PC sheets: processing Function: PC board can be processed by vacuum forming method and pressure forming method to process various shapes of parts, and it can also be cold-formed at room temperature. Cold-formed method can be selected at the construction site according to the design drawing, and the installation is arched or semicircular Shaped roof and windows. The minimum bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the selected board, and it can also be bent.

  4. PC board for advertising light boxes: Uses: advertising light boxes, LED electronic displays, lighting, etc.< /p>


  ⑴The concealment is better than the general advertising board, and some of the lighting on the reverse side will not be projected on the advertising surface.

  ⑵ Suitable for any light source, such as: LED, neon, gold electrode, etc..

  ⑶ light weight, heat resistance, and solid.

  ⑷ high weather resistance will ensure long-lasting use.< /p>

  ⑸Easy to process and shape.

  ⑹Environmental protection.

  ⑺ Beautiful appearance.

   5. Flame retardant PC board: this series of products Good surface gloss, good heat resistance, self-extinguishing, excellent impact performance, small expansion coefficient, stable scale, excellent electrical function and chemical resistance, good fatigue resistance, and meets the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety standards , UL94 fire rating reaches V0, V2, HB, and is widely used in electronic components, electrical enclosures, switch panels, junction boxes and charger enclosures, car instrumentation, and panel printing with flame retardant requirements.

  7. PC frosted board: The mechanical function, electrical function, flame retardant function, and anti-ultraviolet ability of PC frosted board are common to general-purpose PC plastic board processing. The main difference is the appearance, shape and optical function. Through the appearance of the high and low shape, high and low density and size, the light passing through the sheet will be scattered and transmitted differently to reach the ambiguity of seemingly impervious and seemingly invisible. It is widely used in LED display screens, picture frames and other fields.


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