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Adhesive endurance plate adhesive products are involved

by:UNQ     2020-11-17
1797 endurance plate construction process, without use of adhesive technology, because it will directly affect the quality and grade of endurance plate, must be taken seriously. Endurance plate bonding, generally there is no problem, as long as the selection of suitable adhesive and adhesive technology, is very simple to operate. In the market there are quite a few of the binder is designed for endurance plate, which is one of the most commonly used two types of two-component adhesive and epoxy resin, in addition to a binder is a one-component chloroform. In general, a two-component adhesive is through bonding effect of curing reactions, and one-component adhesive, on the other hand, it is the end effect by solvent adhesive. Practice proves that the effect of a two-component adhesive bonding than good, one-component adhesive after there will not be a bad phenomenon, and the intensity is good, the only drawback is complicated to operate, its curing link will take a long time, so difficult to achieve mass production. And the biggest advantages of one-component adhesive is fast, but the adhesive effect is bad, will directly affect the endurance plate of beautiful with quality products.
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