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Acrylic performance, plastic board processing technology

by:UNQ     2021-03-27

   Optical plexiglass, anti-radiation plexiglass and CD-grade plexiglass are still blank in the application of the construction industry in China, and there is more room for development.

  Plastic board processing (ACRYLIC new three-dimensional data luminous characters is a special kind of organic glass. Due to its excellent toughness and good light transmission,

   The night color is bright and very penetrating The surface of modern plastic board processing materials is coated with high-strength ultraviolet absorber and has a variety of colors. It is resistant to sunlight and rain and has a service life of more than ten years. It is currently one of the most popular outdoor signboard manufacturing materials in the world. .

   can be seen everywhere in the beautiful figure of plastic sheet processing products, the prosperous business districts of international metropolises such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc.. It adds infinite charm to the brand image of countless internationally renowned companies.

  Plastics The use of signboard products for board processing products is still in its infancy. However, with the demonstration of use by internationally renowned companies such as McDonald’s and Kentucky, more and more companies in Shanghai, Beijing and other places have been fond of the built-in light source logo with panel materials. Plastic board processing products

   is formed by thermo-curving or flat edged, and the processing and marking characteristics of the plastic board are made of new polyester materials. The metal support has a built-in light source, which has great visual impact.

  The metal base is sprayed with imported car paint, weather resistance: the panel is coated with high concentration ultraviolet absorber. It can maintain long-term weather resistance, never fade, and the service life is up to 58 years.

Extend the service life of the light source product. Durability: The product has a good maintenance of the built-in light source.

   rainproof and moisture-proof; open structure, rationality: rational design. Easy maintenance.

There is almost no risk of breaking. Impact resistance: 200 times that of glass products.

   has excellent light transmission, soft light, and dazzling. Flammability: non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing. Light transmittance: up to 93%.

  The full font has a mirror-like effect, and its aesthetics: exquisite craftsmanship. The base has no wrinkles, no seams, and all rivets are not exposed.

   correspondingly reduces the light source products and saves energy : Good light transmission performance. Save electricity and reduce the cost of use.

   The United States and Japan have made mandatory regulations in the law. At present, the glass used in the construction of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens must use plexiglass acrylic ( As China’s laws and regulations improve from time to time, it is expected that in the near future, the national law will also stipulate that plexiglass acrylic (plastic plate processed products) must also be used for building glass in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The country has accelerated the pace of rural construction. At the same time, street signs, advertising light boxes and telephone booths have appeared in large numbers. A considerable part of the materials used are plexiglass acrylic materials.

  Because of the plexiglass acrylic bathtub It has luxurious appearance and sanitary ware. It has the characteristics of depth, easy to clean, high strength, light weight and comfortable use. , It has been widely used in recent years. At present, the domestic annual output of plexiglass acrylic bathtub is about 1.5 million, and the annual consumption of PMMA extruded board or cast board is more than 5,000 tons. With the increasing improvement of my country's building regulations, PMMA will surely show strong competitiveness in more application fields.

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