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About the service process of proofing customers

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
The use of PC sheets products often requires different specifications, especially PC endurance board products. For many years, we have had a certain service process for customers. The use of PC sheets products often requires different specifications, especially for PC sheets products. Customers often require us to produce samples for different specifications or special functions. Some only need a few square meters, while others need a large area of u200bu200bsamples for functional testing. For many years, there has been a certain service process when facing such customers. First of all, we will confirm the customer’s sample requirements. If the customer needs more samples and the existing inventory has the required product specifications, we will give you priority at the engineering price; if the inventory does not have suitable specifications, we will follow The production order is arranged to arrange production, the time is 5-7 days, and the sample price will be traded to you at the engineering price. Of course, there is another situation. In the case that the factory does not have the corresponding specifications, in order to take care of the interests of both parties, we will produce it for you at the market price. Please understand. Secondly, we will give you the priority to recommend our own free standard samples. The size of a single sample is: PC sheets 15cm*23cm, endurance board 10cm*10cm, according to your specific application, we will recommend and mail you all different colors , Thickness, PC sheets or endurance board and other samples are equipped with our standard color card. Even so, for engineering customers with large demand, we still recommend that you visit the factory directly.
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