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About all sorts of modelling of PC board process matters needing attention

by:UNQ     2020-10-21
1350 about the peculiar modelling of PC sheets processing mainly involved in hot forming, stamping, glue, polishing the specific process, due to the particularity of the material, PC board in the process operation, what should notice? How to achieve the ideal processing quality? PC board of thermoforming refers to the PC board into the higher temperature of machinery within a period of time to soften it and then put into the prepared mold cooling in molding. But it is important to note that if the PC sheets placed for a long time, before doing the thermoforming of drying dehumidifying; And in the process of heating softening to control time and temperature, so as not to cause the internal defects. Stamping is thinner and some product has many holes need processing PC board design, adopting this technology not only can reduce cost, but also can improve the efficiency. But the premise is must have certain toughness, PC board itself all fragile materials can't be stamping processing. Each kind of plastic adhesive is a kind of special glue, this is decided by the board the physical properties of, so is a PC sheets; And PC board adhesive quality depends on bonding strength and bonding area of the appearance of the roughness and bonding effect. PC board polishing processing mainly for cutting or carved PC board after a sequence of cross section in the processing technology, PC board type of polishing is more, there are wool pad polishing and polishing dao or polishing, laser knife flame polishing a variety of options, can choose according to the requirements of different polishing process.
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