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7 Features Of Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet

7 Features Of Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet


embossed polycarbonate sheet is  special kind of solid polycarbonate sheet. It is widely used for interior decoraction. There are diamond particle on one side. Like the solid polycarbonate sheet, embossed polycarbonate sheet is durable and high impact resistance. The embossed polycarbonate sheet is surperior construction material.  so do you know other features of embossed polycarbonate sheet ?Today we will introduce all :

   1. High Impact resistance: embossed polycarbonate sheet is strong, which is 200 times stronger than glass, real unbreakable.

    2. Light weight, around 1/40 of the glass weight,easy to install.

    3. It has very good light transmission, up to 80-89%.

    4. Superb heat insulation and soundproof, embossed polycarbonate is B1fire grade which is hard to ignite.

    5. With UV protection , won't turn yellow and become brittle over time

    6. High weather resistance: temperature range is  between -40°C to 120 °C, it won't change under extreme weather  condition

    7. noise resistance : embossed polycarbonate sheet is the best noise barrier material, which can used  in interior decoration partition.


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