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5 Selected Polycarbonate Application Cases

5 Selected Polycarbonate Application Cases


Polycarbonate  has excellent weather resistance, strength, and good transparency. In recent years, it has been favored by domestic and foreign architects and is one of the ideal lighting materials. Especially in the transformation of industrial buildings, buildings with polycarbonate panels as facades can be seen in many creative and cultural cities transformed from industrial cities abroad. Today, we will introduce to you 5 buildings made of polycarbonate panels .

Franklin Azzi Architecture

 polycarbonate sheet construction

The building of the Saint-Nazaire High School of Art in Nantes was built inside the old Alstom warehouse, which restored the previously unused site to life. While respecting the intrinsic properties of the site, the project adopted a more thorough update method-only the metal structure of the entire building was retained and enclosed by a transparent outer wall.

Shanghai Community Art Museum·Yuyuan

The ink-splashing gallery is not only a part of the architectural structure but also an installation art. In terms of material selection, the designer has compared different materials: acrylic, tempered glass, and solar panels. The comprehensive cost and design effects are finally selected. Polycarbonate PC solar panels are selected. , Its advantage is that it is cheap and easy to process, which is the most suitable for art museums with limited budgets and tight schedules.

Barkow Leibinger

The project adopts a steel frame and is covered with transparent heat-insulating glass and light-weight high-insulation polycarbonate panels. It is expected to achieve net zero energy consumption. During the day, the facade can bring soft natural light and street views to the interior, while at night it makes the building a luminous "light box". These materials emphasize the ephemeral nature of the building on the one hand, and provide a durable and flexible space for artistic activities on the other hand.

J.R Architects coffee

The project base is located on a gentle slope forest land in southern Taiwan. It is constructed with a greenhouse light steel structure system commonly used in local rural areas and used as a function of cafes and restaurants. The outer wall uses the PC diffuser to redefine the skin and interface between the building and the nature. The light-guiding sheet blocks most of the ultraviolet rays and direct light. The light diffuses to diffuse the soft brightness, creating a pure and floating atmosphere; the inner layer The wall is made of transparent small angle wave boards, which creates sufficient light in the indoor space, and also blurs and weakens the boundary between man-made and natural, reorganizes indoor activities, and performs in the natural environment.

Núria Salvadó Arquitecte

The project consists of two types of sheds. One can be used in cold winter weather. The north and west sides of the shed are protected by polycarbonate for wind protection. The other is suitable for summer, and its structure is suitable for the growth of green plants and can block sunlight in summer. The two types of sheds are alternately discharged, making it more convenient and flexible to use.

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