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5 Advantages of Polycarbonate Curtain wall

5 Advantages of Polycarbonate Curtain wall


what's a curtain wall

A curtain wall is the building's exterior wall enclosure, does not bear the weight, is a modern large and high-rise buildings commonly used with decorative effect of the lightweight wall. It is now mid-to-late August, and autumn has entered, and some large shopping malls and office buildings will soon face the problem of heating in winter. 

The contrast between two different materials

Nowadays, most buildings use glass curtain walls. Although glass curtain walls are very popular, they have a natural disadvantage in heating compared with building curtain walls made of Polycarbonate.

The heat transfer coefficient of glass is relatively high. If glass curtain walls are adopted, a large amount of indoor heat is easily lost in the building. In this case, it may consume more energy and spend more money on heating, which undoubtedly increases operating costs.



However, a Polycarbonate sheet has a natural advantage for heating.

The polycarbonate curtain wall has a low heat transfer coefficient (K value), only 1.1-4.1W/m2℃, and its thermal insulation performance is 7 to 25% higher than that of a glass of the same thickness. 

The lower heat transfer coefficient of the Polycarbonate sheet can reduce the transmission of indoor and outdoor temperature, so as to achieve good indoor heat preservation and reduce energy consumption. It can be said that it achieves the dual purpose of heat preservation and energy saving and environmental protection at the same time.


Other advantages of PC hollow sheet curtain wall

■Hilproof and windproof

Large shopping malls, office buildings, and other places have a large flow of people, and buildings have the mission of ensuring public safety and resisting natural disasters. 

Polycarbonate hollow sheet has super impact resistance, which is 250 times that of a glass of the same thickness, 30 times that of plexiglass, and 20 times that of tempered glass. It can resist hail, typhoons, man-made collisions, and other accidental damage to the building. A multiwall polycarbonate sheet is undoubtedly a curtain wall material that can ensure the safety of personnel better than glass.

■ Flame retardant and fireproof

The flame-retardant grade of multiwall polycarbonate sheet is flame-retardant grade B. Its ignition point is as high as 580℃. It has the characteristics of self-extinguishing after leaving the fire. At the same time, it will not produce toxic gases when it burns, and it will not contribute to the spread of fire. This level of fire performance is more suitable for crowded places such as shopping malls and office buildings and meets the safety requirements of public places.


■ Adequate daylighting to save energy

The PC hollow sheet has strong light transmittance, a large amount of sunlight comes in, which can reduce the use of lights in office buildings, shopping malls, and other places, and achieve the purpose of saving energy. The light transmittance of a multiwall polycarbonate sheet is 23-80%, and its light transmittance can be adjusted according to the actual application and color of the board. Generally speaking, using multiwall polycarbonate sheet as the exterior wall of the building can not only ensure a beautiful appearance, but also ensure an excellent Office and shopping experience.

■ Various colors and strong fashion

Nowadays, most office buildings and shopping malls have very unique designs, and the color of the PC hollow sheet can be customized to meet the colors required by any design scheme. Undoubtedly, the characteristics of PC panels are more favored by builders.


PC sheet has the above advantages, but multiwall polycarbonate sheet price is far lower than that of glass, and its installation and maintenance cost is also much lower than that of glass. It is a cost-effective building material.

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