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4. 5 MMPC endurance plate making the cause of the hood

by:UNQ     2020-11-23
Hood 2173 endurance plate has many USES, for it is only a piece of cake, but we also cannot treat STH lightly, because when using the hood, it is best to use 4. 5 mm thick of PC endurance plate. What reason is this? Why don't other endurance plate thickness is not in conformity with the requirements? PC endurance plate thickness is different, its performance is also different, 4. 5 mm thick of PC endurance plate although weight is only half of the glass, but there are a lot of the superiority of the performance. Such as its impact resistance can reach 3 kg/m, so endurance plate almost never happen after the risk of fracture, can meet the requirements of climate factors on the product is put forward. And there will be a PC endurance plate surface layer of UV coatings and UV protection co-extrusion layer, so it can prevent the effects of the sun, will not produce yellowing phenomenon such as poor, atomization, pervious to light. In to see the installation, even if the thickness has reached 4. 5 mm, also can undertake such as bending processing, satisfies the requirement of the shape of the hood.
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